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Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 24 7 episode 2

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He started the countdown to the third fight between Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez and Filipino Manny Pacquiao , one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Watch the first episode of the HBO ® series of Emmy ®-winning "24 / 7 Pacquiao / Marquez ". A detailed look at the universe of these two titantes the ring.

Pacquiao-Mayweather never will: Arum

An obvious question whenever the promoter Bob Arum gives interviews is: When is the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Little by little the veteran promoter has revealed details that have hindered the negotiation and passage suggests the fear Floyd Mayweather has lost the undefeated record. "The fight Manny and Mayweather enter will never, for the complete contest responsabildiad on Mayweather has it," said the employer during the public training Manny Pacquiao, who is preparing for the third fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.

Arum said the main reason is not monetary but Mayweather knows he has no chin to hold the right of the Filipino. "It's pure rubbish excuses he gives. is to hide afraid. That's the real reason why it is agreed that no plea. He knows he has weak jaw," revealed the promoter, who noted that this fight could have the same fate as the fight was being planned with Sugar Ray and Aaron Pryor.

'I'm more boxer public servant': Manny Pacquiao

Boxing has always been my passion, I consider public service my vocation. For both respect and feel a great responsibility to my people. I have the fortune to have gained some fame through my achievements in the ring as world champion boxer and I have managed to grow the international prestige of my country, but more importantly I have achieved draw attention to many needs that exist in the Philippines. I was able to give voice to those who are not heard. There is a difference between being a professional boxer and congressman. As a fighter I have total individual control to achieve my goals: train hard, do my homework and fought the best of my abilities with a single obstacle: My rival.

As a congressman, the path must be slow and measured by the nature of government. We must design a debate with the hope of finding the best solution to the problems of the nation and the provinces that represent, requires patience and cooperation. Compromise is often the bridge to find the solutions, forces you to consider the pros and cons of the problems. The immediacy of the action in boxing contrasts with the rules and procedure that must be deliberated in the government. As a boxer I take pride and love of Filipinos in my shoulders. It inspires me to train hard and motivates me to win. I am your representative to mllones of people around the world that I observed in the ring. I am honored with your support. As a public servant my responsibility is even greater for people who depend on me. Where I can help more? Every day I come across such decisions. It's amazing responsibility, I have been elected by my people to be their voice, to help to improve their lives, not something that is resolved with eight weeks of training, is a life that is just beginning. It's wonderful to be world champion but it is an individual achievement that lasts forever. Public servant is the adjective that best describes me. Serving is something I can do for the good of many.

I will die in the line: Juan Manuel Marquez

I'm Juan Manuel Marquez and prepare for the fight of this November 12 with Manny Pacquiao . I think there is great rivalry between our two countries yet. Mexico and the Philippines are taking great fighters in different weights. With so many great fighters from both sides in the near future if we could be talking about a great rivalry.

"I'm sure I won the first two fights" VIDEO: Watch Episode 1 of 24 / 7 Pacquiao Marquez boxing in both countries is very important and give fans a lot of support. Every time we got into the ring we have the support of our countrymen, so we always give them the victory at any cost. Come to the limit in every step in the ring. Looking at the first two fights between Manny and I have fought 24 grueling rounds and no one gives up. In this fight will be the same, I will die in the line to win and Pacquiao also.

JM Marquez to plan medical

Juan Manuel Marquez , who is on a different training to what he had done throughout his career, will meet with the doctors who oversee their work, to make an assessment of what has been accomplished, and plan what you will to do, en route to the November 12 meeting against Filipino Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas, where he will play the world title in welterweight World Boxing Organization.

Juan Manuel, WBA lightweight champion, WBO, is being conducted in preparation by several specialists, with the idea of ​​leaving it as a razor, fast and strong for Pacquiao beat the third meeting between the two.

Juan Manuel said he feels great with the preparation that has been given to this vital meeting, physically active than ever did, and I think that it has more power to this new game against the "Pacman".

'Pacman' closed camp in the Philippines and travels to the U.S.

After a month of entranmientos in Baguio City, the Philippine multichampion Manny Pacquiao camp today moved to Los Angeles. Pacman face for the third time Mexican champion Juan Manuel Marquez in what will be the end of the trilogy that began in 2004. This time the fight will be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will be held on November 12. Manny, who has six years without defeat, closed its camp in the country with six rounds of sparring with former world champion Venezuelan Jorge Linares and then attended his weekly television program, before traveling to America. Before leaving the Philippines, Freddie Roach - Trainer of the eight times world champion - said Pacquiao Wild Card coming to perform over 100 rounds of sparring before commitment represents Marquez fight again. "Now comes the second part of the training will be critical. It was a good workout and will continue working to get in excellent condition as of the first fight of this, things have changed. It will be a tougher fight" he concluded Roach.

I'm sure he won both fights Pacquiao: Marquez

Readers of AOL Latino , I'm Juan Manuel Marquez and prepare for the fight of this November 12 with Manny Pacquiao . I think Manny Pacquiao has become a much more complete fighter, but his power and speed are still their most dangerous . I do not believe I won the first fight, I'm sure that I won both. I just do not support a decision. This time will do the same against him: I will fight with intelligence, patience and good shot.

My preparation will be different now because they will fight in a higher weight. I have to make some adjustments to my diet, but maintain my speed and good condition. The Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez is prepared in the renamed Romanza gym in Mexico City, where many other great fighters have trained for their third match against Filipino Manny Pacquiao. The Aztec is ready for the most anticipated fight of the year. This Saturday October 22 at 10 pm ET will premiere on HBO's Emmy ® ®-winning "24 / 7 Pacquiao / Marquez." Will be divided into four episodes that will air every Saturday night to fight in Las Vegas. The great feature Pacquiao-Marquez III will air on HBO Pay-Per-View on November 12 at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT . Be available in HD-TV. More information

PACQUIAO vs MARQUEZ 3 - HBO 24/7 episode 1

Part 1

Part 2

He started the countdown to the third fight between Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez and Filipino Manny Pacquiao , one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Watch the first episode of the HBO ® series of Emmy ®-winning "24 / 7 Pacquiao / Marquez ". A detailed look at the universe of these two titantes the ring.

Marquez Deserves a Third Fight

It was an incredibly bloody battle in the Mexican blood from an accidental head butt and the product of a filipino right hand, trace that is visible on the right eyebrow of Now Philippine Congress. Marquez's jaw was again factor, was down in the third 'round', but as in his first brawl recovered and gave a great fight. Again, many saw it win, some not, what if the 'Pacman' went with the split decision victory.

Absolutely right both Pacquiao and Marquez are today's top fighters and almost no fighters that can beat them on equal terms. Mexico has proven to be better than Pacquiao in two clashes in the first fight Marquez fell 3 times in the first round but turned the fight like a warrior taking most of the remaining rounds in the second fight was a blatant theft of the judges as Marquez deserved to win, was the current champion, dominated throughout the fight brought back most of the final round and the fight was Pacquiao's face from the blows inchada in Marquez change all I had was the cut produced by the cabezaso who gave Pacquiao in 7 rounds. Marquez deserves a third fight that has proven to be better than Pacquiao.

And it would be excellent despite the two previous defeats Marquez, left no doubt that he was a better rival against Pacquiao. This rivalry has been more difficult to Pacquiao and he knows it.

Aragon and Megia sing in Pacquiao vs Marquez 3

The Youtube sensation and American Idol finalist both sing in Pacquiao-Marquez third match. The half Filipina Maria Aragon was surprised when Manny Pacquiao choose her to sing the Philippine National Anthem. The young woman was discovered in Youtube by singing the songs of Lady Gaga. It was over 42 million views of her version of a song "Born This Way" in youtube. After that she was invited to perform a duet with Lady Gaga in The Monster Ball Tour in Canada. We hope that she sings well with her version and not ended up in a controversy like the previous singers performance.

After the Little Lady gaga we go to the the Finalist of American Idol Thia Megia who sings the US Anthem. The American Idol Tour here in the Philippines was a success and Manny's eyes caught the attention of a half Filipina-American Thia Megia. Megia was the first singer choose by Pacquiao to sing in his upcoming fight with JM Marquez.

So enough with the singers who sing the song of the upcoming event. All of us who love boxing is very excited to the "Unfinished Business" of a two great warrior. Let's see what will happen on Nov. 12, 2011 in MGM Grand Arena. Good Luck for the both fighters.