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Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes lit the UFC in Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian Jose Aldo, embraced by his followers, hopes to have the local factor to surprise unbeaten against Chad Mendes, who said he does not mind the public against. He held a press conference prior to UFC River from Rio Janeiro, Brazil, in the presence of featherweight champion Jose Aldo UFC, undefeated challenger Chad Mendes, Vitor Belfort well and Anthony Johnson.

The Brazilian press was very interested in knowing the pressure felt by fighting Chad Mendes in Brazilian territory: "I feel no pressure. The practice yesterday was one of the best experiences of my life. " Besides the pressure on the public exercises on foreigners in Brazil said: "Apart from the boos, I do not speak Portuguese so I do not understand much of what I cry."

Meanwhile Anthony Johnson commented: "I love this country, its people, I want to thank Brazil for letting me come here and fight with someone like Vitor Belfort, I love it." And he emphasized that he had no words to express their feelings about being in Brazil.

To Mendes, champion fighting at home is just a circumstance, but is concentrating on his fight. "I still remember the first fight of Aldo at WEC. I remember my colleagues have said, someday I'll be fighting with this guy, and I hope for the championship. Now is the time. " He also said: "I come to my fights thinking that I will win. I'm smarter and better prepared than ever. And I walk around like any other fight, he is the champion, but I'm in line behind, and I'll show the world that I am the best. "

While excited and shy Johnson talked about Vitor Belfort's words about the fight they will, "said Vitor see a hungry lion against another hungry lion. I'll do better, give you the best. I'm hungry, I can not wait. "

Belfort, the Brazilian star is said to be happy in Brazil: "Come to fight in my house, is a joy, and that the event is broadcast by Globo further. In Brazil suffered a lot before to see this sport, now everyone has the opportunity to see it. Brazil is a major exporter of athletes, the Sabbath is a party. "

He was asked to fight in a time of growing the sport in Brazil, would you put more pressure?, To which Belfort said, "I'm focused on cutting weight. I am focused on Anthony Johnson in 5 kilos off for tomorrow, today, in this fight. Today is the last day I have, this is the important moment. All Brazil wants that victory, of course, but we can only control the one hand, and I will fight a great fighter. But most important is fidelity, sport will only grow because there is not a Brazilian.

And he spoke also about growing the sport in Brazil: "The respect among athletes is paramount. Many Brazilians like to see some Americans. Many Americans like to see Jose Aldo. People have always been prejudiced, but Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta have changed that. Many who criticized the sport today before they understand it, sport is the one to teach people, because martial arts are so physically demanding and mentally, is a contact sport, but we respect. "

The champion Jose Aldo was clear and very quiet commented on the pressure of fighting at home: "The fans of course will support the Brazilians. I will go with the flag of Brazil, "also said he had no problem in the time of the fight (the main card begins at 1 am local time in Brazil):" I try to concentrate on the fight, train and arrive to the day of the fight well. Whether it is at dawn. Not a problem. "

On his rival, who arrived unbeaten in his professional career with an impressive 11-0-0, said: "That is undefeated is not more pressure on me, victories and defeats are something that happens in our sport." And also answered a question about rumors of the possibility of gaining category: "Much has been said and that, but not for me, there is much behind, when the time and think my team can spend, I'm right here ". By Juan Cardenas / Latino UFC Editor

Floyd Mayweather Jr. spoke by telephone with Manny Pacquiao

LAS VEGAS - Floyd Mayweather Jr. spoke by telephone with Manny Pacquiao to discuss the possible fight next May, the two boxers advisers confirmed the news to various media.

Leonard Ellerbe, adviser to Floyd, endorsed the call as promoter Bob Arum, Pacquiao said the same to the Philippine ABS-CBN network.

In what little they could find was commented that the 'Pac Man' would have no problem making the fight as long as the profits are divided in a 50-50, in what would be the richest fight in boxing history.

Mayweather is next scheduled to fight May 5, but Arum wants to realize the fight to the end of May in the new arena being built in Las Vegas, the ticket is calculated as 50 million.

'Floyd wants the fight against Manny Pacquiao on May 5 and so much so I personally sought out Pacquiao, "Ellerbe told AFP.

Mayweather also has talked several times with Michael Koncz, advisor to the Philippines, according to several media reports.

Pacquiao has won his last 15 fights in the past seven years, while Mayweather is undefeated and will play a 90-day sentence which begins June 1 for domestic violence.

Arum said that next week we will know who will be fighting against the 'Pac Man' from the list are: Miguel Angel Cotto, Lamont Peterson, Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez.

Share the bill Chavez Jr. and Donaire

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Nonito Donaire, two of the brightest stars in boxing today, combat in two separate fights in an edition of HBO's Championship Boxing on 4 February at the Alamodome in San Antonio, the promotion announced Top Rank on Wednesday.
Chavez will face fellow Mexican Marco Antonio Rubio in a scheduled 12-round bout at middleweight, although it is unclear whether Chavez will be defending his WBC version of the title.

Donaire, one of the best fighters in the world pound for pound in the world, two titles left vacant bantamweight and will be moving up in weight to face former world featherweight champion Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. junior by the now vacant title at 122 Vazquez pounds it had in its possession.

It plans a news conference next Tuesday in San Antonio.

Chavez won a middleweight title in June by majority decision to Sebastian Zbik and made his first defense on November 19 with a five-round technical knockout over Peter Manfredo Jr.

"The new year promises to be even bigger for July, but first he will have the difficult task of facing top-ranked challenger Marco Antonio Rubio is," said Top Rank promoter Bob Arum. "This should be a real battle. Also on February 4, Nonito Donaire will continue its march to higher divisions when he faces Wilfredo Vazquez Jr."

It is not known if the title is at stake Chavez, because the WBC ordered earlier this month to Chavez defends his title against Sergio Martinez linear champion that Chávez wants to fight at all costs. The order of the CMB opened the possibility that the mandatory fight is delayed if Chavez and Martinez can reach an alternative arrangement. However, Arum has no interest in making a fight in which Chavez will be greatly disadvantaged. Martinez is pushing the WBC to strip Chavez of his title, so the status of the belt is in the air.

"We know that Chavez fight with Rubio on Feb. 4 in San Antonio, but some things need to be clarified," the vice president of Top Rank, Carl Moretti. "We need more clarity from the CMB in this situation. But it was already known for a long time that Chavez will be fighting on 4 February and Sergio Martinez will fight in March. That anyone thinks or says that it is possible that them to fight each other at a later date than March, is just a dream. What we all understand about this title is simply this. "

Chavez (44-0-1, 31 KOs) has a significant fan base in San Antonio and will be fighting at the Alamodome for the third time. In 2007, he fought on a card headed by Manny Pacquiao there, and in June 2010 led a billboard of pay-per-view Top Rank and scored a landslide victory against John Duddy.

Rubio (05/01/53, 47 KOs) has won 10 consecutive fights. He has not lost since it was knocked out in the ninth assault on the challenge to then-middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik in February 2009.

Donaire (27-1, 18 KOs), known as the "Filipino Flash", is a former flyweight and bantamweight interim champion junior. He took off in his career this year with a landslide victory by knockout in the second assault against former three-division champion Fernando Montiel in February to win a pair of bantamweight titles. Donaire made a defense, a wide decision win against the junior bantamweight champion Omar Narvaez at Madison Square Garden Theater in New York on October 22, before deciding to move up in weight.

The Puerto Rican Vazquez (21-1-1, 18 KOs), son of former three-division champion Wilfredo Vazquez Sr., lost his junior featherweight title against Jorge Arce in 12 rounds by knockout in May in the undercard bout between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley. Arce vacated his title at bantamweight down again last month, leaving Donaire Vazquez and free to play this season.

'I'm going to prove to Rubio I'm a true champion': Chavez Jr

Los Angeles, CA - Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez jr., Through the WBC world champion, said he does not afraid of any fighter and is ready to face Argentina's Sergio Martinez after his fight against Marco Rubio.

The son of legendary JC Chavez responded to statements made last week against Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez.

"I fear I have not one, not Sergio or any other fighter, to be in boxing it takes great courage and that is something I have more" Chavez said Carrasco, who will make the second defense of the sash half against Rubio on Feb. 4 in San Antonio, Texas.

The Junior stated that "Sergio and I did no deal, my developers are not interested in a fight against him, for now, but if they want and are very interested in my name, I make a good deal and fight when he wants."

Then he said: "I think Sergio is more interested in my name on my title when I got the opportunity to contest the championship did not matter against whom, and went against Sebastian Zbik, a fighter he refused and he won well ".

"Now I will defend my title against Marco Antonio Rubio, and win, I hope, open the door to face the remainder of 2012. First he fulfill his wish to fight me Rubio Martinez then."

The WBC official does Chavez-Rubio

The World Boxing Council sent a news release says he has not received any formal request for the fight between champion through the body, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Marco Antonio "Veneno" Rubio.

Here the full statement he sent the Council:

"Numerous media reports that Champion WBC middleweight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will fight against Marco Antonio Rubio on February 4, 2012.

The WBC rules and regulations require formal written request to sanction any official WBC fight before being formally announced and start selling tickets. To date, the WBC has not received any promoter had communication with regard to a fight between Chavez and Rubio.

Therefore, the WBC does not endorse and disapprove any public announcement or sale of tickets over a fight sanctioned by the WBC or use the name of the WBC in brands until you meet the rules and regulations "

Today Top Rank announced that it would begin selling tickets for the function 'Welcome to the Future'.